About us

Hello dear friend!

My name is Jensi, and I am the owner and founder of Live & Selah. Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to start a jewelry business. I have clear memories of selling custom earrings to women at my church. The dream was tabled for years until I moved home from college due to covid and was re-inspired to create and sell handmade jewelry. This business is a dream come true!

The name "Live & Selah" has a very special meaning to me. To live means to spend each day intentionally alive; living life to the fullest. Selah is a Hebrew word that is believed to mean "to pause and reflect on the Lord's goodness." It also may mean "forever." Combined, this name reminds us to pursue a rich and joyful life while remembering to pause and revel each moment.

Our slogan, "Love today. Live for forever," is rich with meaning. "Love today" is a supplication to love where you are today as well as to love those around you. "Live for forever" is a reminder that we live for eternity. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and therefore I want to obey the call to risk everything to further the Kingdom of the Lord (Matthew 28). I do not live for this world, but for the hope of what is to come.

When I was writing the mission statement of Live & Selah, I realized that many people around the world do not have the luxury to "love today." They are enslaved to poverty, fear, and even to other people. The purpose of Live & Selah is to pursue freedom and rescue people out of slavery so that they may truly live. Because of this, a portion of every sale will go towards an organization that seeks to end slavery and oppression in some way.

Our Mission: To create simple jewelry that mirrors the beauty of our customers: made with love and designed for a purpose. We seek to be part of rescuing the enslaved out of bondage so that they may be free to love today and live for forever.